PHNOM PENH DESIGNERS WEEK (PPDW) is a 3-day fashion show presentation organized by F Magazine, the first fashion forward magazine in Cambodia. PPDW will mark the first-ever convergence and collaboration of the best of Phnom Penh’s fashion designers and other artists in the fashion industry as curated by the editors of F Magazine. These collaborators are in the forefront of Cambodia’s growing design scene.

The home of PPDW is at The Plantation and is slated to happen on June 13, 14, 15, 2013.

We’ve been a big fan of F Magazine since the launch in 2009. They are an icon of Cambodia’s rapid socio-economic development. The magazine itself evolves and improves with every issue and the buzz created by their events is a big thing in Phnom Penh. Check out their brand new website at http://www.fmagazine.biz



Mitsou, two Siem Reap based French designers, will participate in the event as well. You can see their work in at the “Made in Cambodia Market” on 1 Jun 2013 in front of Shinta Mani Hotel. We are very proud to of them and wish them great success in the big city!

Don Protasio, Cambodia based Filipino designer, used to live in Siem Reap until earlier this year. Most of us still remember and miss his shop in “Alley West” called “Poetry”. At the time he was one of the movers in the small community of Alley West, the local artistic hotspot.

PPDW might be a good reason to visit Phnom Penh for a couple of days! Check the website http://www.ppdesignersweek.com for more information and remember to follow @PPDesignersWeek on twitter or on Facebook.

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